With NLP I’ll show you how to lose weight fast, and keep it off!
So you get off the weight loss roller-coaster!

Weight Loss

Weight loss is not rocket science, its not so much the food but our relationship and behaviours. The non surgical Gastric band is a proven and highly effective method for more permanent weight-loss, it does what diet’s do not do.

Self Esteem

Creating a healthier self esteem can transform you life on so many different levels. If you want to be comfortable in our own skin, radiating confidence and self assuredness  know that you can.

Phobia Cure

Phobias can really limit your life in many ways. A phobia can be cured in one session so you can enjoy experiences that will enhance your life rather than limit it.

Quit Smoking

The smoking cessation programme enables you to become a non smoker, easily, without cravings or withdrawal symptoms. It has help many individuals quit their smoking habit effortlessly for good.

Overcome Fears

Fears and doubts can debilitate our life, sabotage success and hinder performance. Get the results you want by overcoming your fears, when nothing holds you back you will see and experience greater results in your life.

Unstoppable Confidence

Let’s face it no matter how much confidence we think we have there are areas of your life where it may be lacking, Take charge and get that confidence so you can experience a much more rich and rewarding life.

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Mission Statement

In the last 14 years I have helped hundreds of people change their lives. I am passionate about that. I enjoy the results that my clients achieve. Watching someone go from good to great really rocks. I engage with clients in such a way that they soon see, feel and experience the changes. My focus is to provide fast and effective ways to deal with life’s challenges and problems, I use a combination of techniques that are tailor made in each session to suit your needs and preferences. My clients resolve many issues and problems in just one to 5 sessions, I  believe in making the treatments affordable, gentle, empowering and long lasting.