What is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP?

NLP is a therapy that was developed in the 1970’s by Dr John Grinder and Dr Richard Bandler. Initially it was a study on excellence and how to model and transfer excellence from one individual to another. It was widely used in Sport to create World Champion. The speed and success of NLP and it’s effectiveness branched into other areas and became a therapy.
The power of NLP surpasses other methods used to effect change because it was so fast and effective in that NLP can change the way in which the brain responds to stimuli utilizing language patterns and imprinting on the brains conscious and more importantly the unconscious mind which is a powerful driver of our behaviour.

NLP educates people in self awareness and is a powerful system that can accelerate achievement and potential in an individual in order to achieve success in both their personal and professional goals.

NLP enables you change your perceptual filters which changes your experience, experiences that make you who you are today, also in changing your underlying beliefs and leveraging thought processes to give you even greater freedom together with the ability to move forward to greater achievement by moving through personal barriers.

NLP is a user’s manual for the mind that teaches you how to use your brain, in effect providing a manual in order to make changes in how you feel and respond so that you can learn to run your life more effectively leading you to a more fulfilled and happy successfully life.

NLP provides you with greater communication skills improving the way in which you think, behave and feel in order that you can achieve better outcomes.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is regarded as one of the most effective ways to release weight or give up smoking and the power of hypnosis can also help in breaking any habit or behaviour.

Almost no one believes that hypnosis will work for them until they try it first hand. NLP and hypnosis combined make for a very effective treatment.

Hypnosis has widely been explored by the scientific community, Stanford University states the power of hypnosis can no longer be disputed.

Hypnosis was used in World War II battlefields to tune out pain. Hypnosis shifts an assumed norm, tapping into hidden reserves..

Clinical trails and studies showed that patients who weren’t hypnotised felt more pain over time regardless of how much medication they received, whilst those people who were hypnotised stayed equally comfortable throughout the surgery. Hypnotised patients averaged 17 minutes shorter operation times than those patients who were not and the cost of a standard radiological procedure feel from $638 to $300. The study involved more than 330 patients and it was also found that the hypnotised patients recovered faster and spent less time in hospital than those with standard care.

What can NLP help you with in your life?


  • Whatever you do really well you can do even better
  • Break free of old habits
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Obliterate old self destructive patterns of behaviour
  • You can acquire skills that help you to communicate with others more effectively so that you can achieve more positive outcomes
  • You can think more clearly and manage your thoughts, attitudes, moods and responses to people
  • Overcome fears
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and barriers that hold you back
  • You can become unstoppable
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Meet any challenge and excel
  • Release Weight
  • Enhance all relationships both business and personal
  • Trauma release or help in Post traumatic Syndrome
  • Change reactions from events or things that have happened in you life that currently keep you stuck
  • Respond to live better rather than react