Phobia Cure

Phobias are a gestalt mechanism in that it is a one trial learning effect We become fearful and enter into a fright and flight mode becoming debilitated and paralysed by the thought of something.

The fear can be something logically unreasonable like the fear of baked beans, there could be no apparent rhyme or reason for particular fears yet the fear present is very real and terrifying for the person with the phobia.

Usually Phobias can be cured in one session, this includes life long phobias

The good news is that phobias can be cured really quickly with just 1 to 3 sessions and in most cases the phobia can be cured in the first session.

Phobias are installed by an event and sometimes that event cannot be remembered, this is still okay because we utilise the present and last fear response to re-imprint and take away the fear.

Once the fear has been removed you are free to experience a different reaction and feel the benefits of freedom from that fear. A phobia cure treatment can get rid of really bad fear responses, I have cured people who have had phobias about spiders and they could not even look at a picture of a spider and in some cases would even react the to word spider.

Clients once free of that phobia have developed a natural curiosity, decided they wanted to touch or even hold a spider, I never subject clients to their phobia it is sometimes that they go out and seek what was bothering them to see their new reaction and they are amazed that it is possible to never feel that fear and instead find themselves curious and compelled to feel a different reaction within themselves.

Think about how great it would be to not be in fear. What are the benefits and consequences and new things that could happen without the presence of that fear.

Phobia Cure

  • One session to cure
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Freedom from fear