After 40 years of food obsessions I am finally FREE!

I am not snacking all the time the weight is melting away. I also get so much more done and I am not thinking about food all the time. Thank you Denise for giving me my life back


I came to Denise as a last resort…

I had been out of work for 2 years and had lost my confidence I was struggling when I went for interviews and felt that after 200 NO’s the only common denominator was me. I was sckeptical as to what Denise could do for me. The session was brilliant in that Denise showed me how to project my self and my words differently and we also did NLP for my confidence . The very next day I had 2 interviews. I could not believe the difference.

I was more confident, unattached to the outcome, enjoyed the interviews, I was much more focused and direct with my answers, I felt like I didn’t even know where the answers came from it was my subconscious mind that worked and I got offered great positions witih each company, I finally got my dream job after 2 years of being unemployed. Thank You Denise your NLP worked magic.


I had an over reactive phobia response to spiders. It was to the point of embarrassment at times…

I could not even look at a picture of a spider or even think the word spider without going into hysterics. One session with Denise and I can pick up a spider, I am curious and have never felt afraid ever again. My husband, family and friends cannot believe the difference Thank you so much I enjoy being able to feel the freedom from that fear.


I had a fear of speaking in public…

I am in my own business and was joining networking groups, unfortunately I was required to speak just for 60 seconds about my business. I would blush, feel embarrassed, not be able to get my words out.

After a couple of session with Denise I was able to speak with confidence, humour, eloquence not only being able to talk to a group of people but then went on to speak in front of 100’s of people and really enjoy it have fun, My enthusiasm for what I do came through which has not only increased my business but added to my confidence and personality in many other ways


I came to Denise to quit smoking and in just one session I quit!

I didn’t experience any cravings or withdrawal symptoms, I can even socialise with my friends and not want a cigarette. I feel so much better, more confident and I can run around the rugby field with my mates and not be gasping for breath.


I came to Denise for weight loss and I have reduced every week at least a Kilo in weight…

There has been a week or too when celebrations slowed me down but then I just got right back on track I have released to date 15.5kgs averaging a kilo that’s 3lbs a week! What a difference not just the weight loss; but also the way in which the program changed other aspects of my life.

I cannot emphasis enough in words of appreciation at what you have done for me, my health, my confidence and self esteem not to mention the new wardrobe!


I came to Denise after my partner of 8 years turned around and said it was over and that he didn’t think he had ever loved me…

Just months before our planned wedding. You can imagen the state I was in. Just in the first session which lasted 3 hours. I came away empowered and over it! When I went to sort things out with my partner for the split he actually said “you are over me!” and I was and he was gutted.

Totally empowered we settled and without drama or me falling apart, infact it was quite the opposite. I went on to own my own home, pass exams, get a promotion and a better job all in 6 months, I lost weight and am happy and fulfilled. I didn’t think that I could have done anything on my own and now feel that the world is my oyster. Confident and powerful, slim and loving life. Denise THANK YOU!!


After realising that I was depressed and spiralling down I visited Denise…

She was amazing and I came away after our first session and was able to sleep which I hadn’t done for nearly a year. In just a few sessions we managed to treat the depression without medication, I feel good about life rather than wanting to end it. My relationships within my family are the best they have ever been and it is all thanks to Denise.

I can honestly say Denise saved my life!